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Final or project work 

UInvestigations into deburring sealing parts for the automotive industry with low-power plasma torches

Sealing parts for use on doors and flaps in automobiles are also produced by injection molding using two or more materials. Due to tool wear and slight fluctuations in the technological parameters, minor burrs may form on the sealing parts. Due to the high
The automotive industry requires these burrs to be removed. This removal is currently done by hand using Bunsen burners. However, this approach is not effective and can lead to complaints and waste.


Mechanical processes are not applicable due to the flexibility of the seals and the fineness of the burrs. The aim of the work is to demonstrate whether the use of special plasma torches with low power in combination with automatic guidance of the tool or workpiece would be effective and can be carried out effectively.
There is also the option of carrying out examinations using a rental device from a burner manufacturer.

The following work is planned:


  • Familiarization with the injection molding of sealing parts

  • Research into processes already used for deburring sealing parts

  • Development of an investigation plan

  • Setting up a test stand and familiarizing yourself with the use of one

  • Low power plasma torch

  • Systematic study of deburring of sealing parts

  • Derivation of process parameters for effective process control

  • Development of solution proposals for industrial use

Supervising person: Dr.-Ing. Ingolf Behm

Supervisor University professor: Univ.-Prof. Dr.-Ing. habil. Dipl.-Phys. Matthias Hackert-Oschtchen

Area of primary and forming technology
University place 2
39106 Magdeburg
Tel.: 0391 67 51312

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