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German language courses 

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Language is the first step towards understanding. It helps to facilitate cultural integration and allows building a bridge between people. German as a foreign or second language is a constantly growing need of the international students of the OVGU. Our focus is not only on acquiring vocabulary, but also on experiencing and discovering various excursions together.

OVGU GmbH would like to offer students and refugees a platform. We organize language courses for our prospective customers quickly and according to their individual needs. In face-to-face classes, every student can be addressed. All registrations and exercises are done online.

Check out our language courses

Our courses

Our ongoing courses: 

  • Beginners course A1.1 

  • Advanced Course A1.2 

possible individual plans: 

  • Applicant training with the kind support of the International Office 

  • Follow-up courses A2 kindly supported by the Graduate School 

  • B1 plus (the bridging course to B2 level) 

  • preliminary course 

  • corporate courses

Your contact person

Luise 2_edited_edited_edited.jpg
Project Manager DaF

Luise Ballerstädt

Language education / integration /

further education

0176 43370666

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