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German courses in cooperation with UMMD 


For all those who are more interested in getting closer to the German language in a more personal setting or in flexibly refreshing your already acquired language skills, we organize the German Courses between our members of the Medical Faculty and the OVGU GmbH.  

To allow you to participate while working, classes will be held in the late afternoon on the medical campus twice a week.


These courses, which are free of charge to employees of the medical faculty, will be initially offered over two semesters, with the usual interruptions during semester breaks (vacation courses can be offered if desired). 

We are aware that these German Courses will be very time-consuming and we will do our best to make your participation as pleasant as possible. To appreciate the enormous effort for organizers, teachers and your colleagues, we charge a nominal fee of 50€, which will of course be refunded upon successful participation (75% of the lessons over two semesters). After 2 semesters and with a minimum of 75% participation in the courses, an examination can be taken in order to have the acquired language skills certified. The (small) examination fees would have to be paid by yourself.

The courses will start in November 2023!

Save the date: Initial meeting 26.10.2023 4pm at Medical Faculty, House 44, R138

There will be two courses in different levels which will be selected according to need until the initial meeting.
These courses will take place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 4-5.30 PM and 5.30-7 PM.

To register for the course, employees of the medical faculty send an email to

Here you can see the further steps for the registration:

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